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    Spectroscopy questions and answersSep 20, 2000 · GraphXML is a graph description language in XML that can be used as an interchange format for graph drawing and visualization packages. The generality and rich features of XML make it possible to define an interchange format that not only supports the pure, mathematical description of a graph, but also the needs of information visualization ...
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OLE-DB database, SHP (ESRI shape file), GPX (GPS eXchange format), KML (Keyhole Markup Language), Gml (Geography Markup Language), TXT, CSV. Additional options: savable configurations, point coordinate transformation from/to any world coordinate system, point can be ACAD point or ACAD block with... Embrilliance forumRead graphs in GML format. GML is the standard file format in the Graphlet graph editor system. It has been overtaken and adapted by several other systems for drawing graphs."

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